Is the engagement ring a promise, isn’t it? Maybe it is something more important: it is a love token, or the premarital gift par excellence, the object of desire of every bride that symbolizes a real promise of marriage. In the past, in many civilizations, a simple apple was quite enough, accompained by a declaration of love. Then, with the passing of time, this gift has become more and more important, until it takes the shape of a ring. For example, according to the Visigoths and the Germans, the ring acted as a marriage contract.

The tradition of the diamond engagement ring

The tradition of giving a diamond mounted on engagement rings was born only in 1477. It was, indeed, an amazing solitaire diamond that won over Mary of Burgundy, future wife of Archduke Maximilian of Hasburg. That is the diamond, with its message symbolizing “duration” and “solidity”, to better represent the idea of marriage, as if all the values of the union are magically included in the most precious stone.  

From the engagement ring to the wedding dress

If the idea of marriage seems to be crystallized into the bright essence of a diamond, what’s better than choosing one that could ideally match with the wedding dress in terms of style, color and shape?

Besides, 2019 fashion trend suggests 8 shades of white. Catching these different shades is not so easy and it is hard to find the right coherence in style that will contribute to impart the personality of the marriage, if it is traditional, romantic or nonconformist. 

Romano Diamonds presents the guideline to help you choose between “8 white” wedding dresses and the engagement rings to be matched with. .

1. Ice

It is the brightest shade of white, thanks to the slight presence of grey or light blue traces in the cloth. The cool shade, of immortal elegance, is perfectly expressed in the last trend of slip dress, that is the dress with a contemporary and minimal-chic style.
For a sofisticated and essential bride, the perfect engagement ring is the one that will rely on the preciousness of the solitaire, whose purity level is certified by the international scale of classification of diamonds, as G.I.A., not less than VS2 and up to IF/LC that means that the diamond is flawless and has no internal impurities.
It is recommended to choose the white gold and a design that give value to the stone, from 0.30 ct up to 1.00 ct, as the Castel ring.

Un abito della collezione sposa del couturier Jamal Taslaq e, accanto, l'anello Castel di Romano Diamonds, con un diamante solitario da 1.00 carato

A dress from the bridal collection of the couturier Jamal Taslaq and, beside, a 1.00 ct solitaire diamond suggested by Romano Diamonds.

2. Natural White

It is not the most loved color by millennials because it is a classic that meets the idea of a traditional wedding, there are no grey or light blue shades in the cloth, but it gives the opportunity to choose style and combinations.
In this case, the most recommended love token is the one that emphasizes the solidity of the promise with an important solitaire, supported by a wide and square-shaped ring, in white gold.

Pronovias's dress in natural white suggests the idea of a traditional wedding, based on sound certainties. In order to emphasize them, it is suitable to choose an important ring, as the 1.50 ct Philosophy ring.   

3. Ivory

Slightly warmer than natural white, it has a hint of yellow and is the most fashionable tone today. This is the color of the silk before dyeing. Elegant and timeless unsaturated white that helps to accentuate the skin tone and is decorated with elaborate lace inserts, by giving a slight vintage taste to the bride’s style. In this case, the choice of the engagement ring can point to a romantic idea, according to which, the shapes of the stone and of the ring will remind 50’s soft style. For the very young girls, the 0.20 ct Romantic Castel ring is perfect, only 859,00 € with brilliant cut and really good classification of purity VS2.

The wedding dress in ivory, proposed by Maggie Sottero, could give a vintage touch to the style. For the very young girls that love this look: the Romantic Castel ring by Romano Diamonds

4. Pearl

It is close to natural white, but includes a hint of grey and vanilla. If it is presented in opaque tones, it gives a touch of sober originality to the bride. The favourite pieces are simple, as a tunic, with embellished bright inlaying.
In this case, a game of theatrical contrast between light and dark is recommended. The ring should be very bright. The best thing would be to strengthen the light of the ring with diamonds in a row.

The dress in pearl by Marco & Maria creates contrasts between light and dark. It is recommended to match it with a very bright ring, as the Romantic Castel full pavé

5. Cream

Today, between the warmest and brightest tones, cream meets the tastes of many brides who point to enhance the beauty of the skin color. Cream is the romantic bride’s choice. The delicate simplicity of Triumph ring is the most suitable choice for her. The stone is clearly visible and supported by a light setting, just like the romantic dress that will give value to the cream tone.

Pronovias suggests a cream dress in sinuous style that perfectly matches with the soft style of the Triumph ring. 

6. Champagne

Brighter and intense, it is more golden than ivory. It is the most interesting color of the season and it is perfect both in soft tulle of voluminous skirts and woven in embroideries and laces that draw golden flowers on the bride’s silhouette. In this case, it is worth daring long and sumptuous trains. It is recommended the engagement ring with a fancy color diamond in the shade of champagne.

The champagne dress by Errico Maria matches with a nonconformist engagement ring with a fancy color diamond. 

7. Nude

The nude effect can also be overlapped on the natural white color to create games of transparency in combination with the skin color. This characteristic brings the wedding dress closer to the fashion trends and it is easy to find proposals that refer to the fashion world by using, for example, soft marabou plumes.
In this case, also the engagement ring can overcome the classical tradition and choose the pink gold.

The nude effect dress by Jenny Packham is perfect to be matched with a nonconformist engagement ring as the one belonging to the Zip collection, in pink gold with two radiant-cut baguette diamonds and two emerald-cut baguette diamonds. 

8. Pink Dust

Brighter and lighter than antique pink, it gives a romantic and sweet allure to the bride. Over the years, this original tone has become popular in the traditional marriages. The bride who chooses this tone has the chance to select different colors of diamonds, by choosing, for example, an unusual fancy color pink diamond. Pink is one of the rarest colors in the world of fancy color diamonds (find out more).

The pink dust dress by Justin Alexander perfectly matches with the unusual and amazing fancy color pink diamond.

The dress and the engagement ring are the new “couple” of the millenium.

It is important to choose the style that better matches with the bride’s personality and with the kind of marriage that will be celebrated. Find out here all suggestions by Romano Diamonds