Made in Italy

Design made in Italy

From the imagination to the form. Romano Diamonds’ design moves through infinite ways of various inspirations. The first collection is inspired by three elements: modern architecture, contemporary art and the great themes of the history of the jewel.

The eternal beauty of the diamond is crystallized into the creative form of a design that includes the past, the present and looks to the future. Romano Diamonds is aware of the Italian goldsmiths’ tradition and projected on a dimension of technical and cosmopolitan innovation.

A timeless jewel that is still contemporary.

Diamonds to live

The stylistic research of Monica Bonzano, designer and visual artist, tries to offer women a loyal ally, a suitable jewel for everyday.

It is seen like a need, the opportunity to “wear a diamond”. A diamond to live, to simply wear like a second skin and comfortable at moving.

Professional diamonds

The stones selected by Romano Diamonds are better in purity, color and cut than those used for jewellery, they are perfectly cut and set by the goldsmiths in Valenza and internationally certified.

To allow an immediate check on the authenticity of the diamond and to guarantee a high level of transparency, all the jewels by Romano Diamonds, that have a diamond beyond 0.30 ct, show both on the ring and on the diamond an engraving by one of the three internationally recognized institutes of certification: G.I.A. (United States), H.R.D. (Anversa – Belgium), I.G.I. (Anversa – Belgium).

The 4 Cs for a certified jewel

The offering of stones certified by G.I.A., H.R.D. and I.G.I. with the International System of Classification of Diamonds called “The 4 Cs” (cut, clarity, color, carat), allows all the jewels by Romano Diamonds to guarantee a high quality whose value will not change in time.