About us

Our history: from the diamond for investment to the jewel

Founded by Marco Romano in Milan, international benchmark for design and fashion made in Italy, Real Diamond Invest comes from the experience and the passion of an Italian family operating in the market of international trading of diamonds.

Boasting extended connections to the most important diamond bourses and working every day with Anversa, Tel Aviv and Mumbai, our society is a reliable spokesman and partner for those who would like to invest in the most precious stone with no intermediation.

How Romano Diamonds is born

From the experience of Real Diamond Invest a new brand debuts, born to enhance the purity and the eternal beauty of the diamond.

The first collection by Romano Diamonds is inspired by three elements: modern architecture, contemporary art and the great themes of the history of the jewel.

Still, the strongest inspiration comes from Romano family who, in love with diamonds since forever, strongly believes in a new line of jewels where the noblest stone plays the starring role.

The proposal is conceived for the international market, totally born in Italy and particularly in the context of Milan, creative centre of design and style.

Made in Valenza

Made in Valenza

To achieve our aim of enhancing the value of the stones that guarantees a high quality standard, Romano Diamonds entrusts the realization of the entire collection of jewels to the goldsmiths in Valenza, whose qualities have been demonstrated for more than 150 years of tradition.

From the cut to the setting, even the polishing, all the steps of production are entrusted to high level experts who can increase value.