Our Philosophy

The artists of the diamonds

Romano Diamonds offers a new proposal of jewels where the diamond is the protagonist, a selected stone because is better in quality than the ones that are normally used for jewellery.

The project came alive when Marco Romano and Nicoletta Bonzano, an expert gemmologist, both importers of diamonds who work everyday with the bourse of Tel Aviv and the cutters in Anversa, thought that the purest and the rarest diamonds could become the protagonists of the jewels, designed to better increase their light and cut.

Romano Diamonds presents jewels realized only with precious natural diamonds.

Women and diamonds

The style of the collection is addressed to a modern and self-confident woman who wants to express her determination, vitality and energy by stating her independence, even the economic one. Romano Diamonds is the suitable jewel for the need of self-gratification and, at the same time, represents the emotional choice of a woman who is totally aware of herself.

“Big women need big diamonds”
Elizabeth Taylor

Our Philosophy