Engagement: 6 precious advice to help you choose your engagement ring online

Engagement: 6 precious advice to help you choose your engagement ring online

Buying online has become a habit for millions of Italians today. The possibility to analyze the quality of the product through users’ reviews, their presentations more and more detailed and the ability of the companies that deliver rapidly, but even provide services, as the product exchange without any additional cost, represents a really good incentive.

Online jewels: is the time suitable to buy an engagement ring?

So, are we ready to buy online luxury goods? Yes, we are, but we have to keep in mind some useful advice, especially if the good we are going to buy needs special requirements that make it eternal… like the eternal love that will be declared.

We talk about engagement rings, in other words the solitaire: the ring par excellence, the one your woman will wear forever, maybe with more love and conviction than a wedding ring. The engagement ring is a promise of love and moves up the married life, that sometimes tends to be a bit flat and does not correspond to lovers’ dreams.

Buy online solitarie ring

Buying a solitaire online

A solitaire must have a special light, it must identify with the purity of true love and be a daydream that will never end.

And when your days are complicated and you are too busy and you need a vast and boundless selection of offers and prices, by avoiding boring launch at jewellery, choosing engagement rings online may be, for many, the best way to the perfect solution and having more time to imagine where and how to propose. That’s why today we are no longer satisfied with the classical proposal that comes after a romantic dinner.

Today being original and, if possible, looking for the complicity of media is necessary. That’s why the marriage proposals at the stadium go wild, with the help of the supporters who suddenly exhibit a banner on the stand that, instead of praising their top scorer, is the prelude to party favors and sugared almonds.

How to buy an engagement ring online: 6 practical advice

  1. Use properly the search engine
    Once you know the type of jewel you desire, in this case the “engagement ring”, you must type these two words on Google. Many online sellers allow to filter the research according to the type of ring searched. For example, the diamond carat and the type of gold: white, yellow or pink
  2. Find out all the charateristics that give value to a jewel. 
    Analyzing the theme of the diamond is important, because it plays the starring role on the engagement ring. On the G.I.A. website, the most internationally recognized institute of certifications, you can find out the grading of the “4 Cs” (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat) and choose the suitable stone for your budget.
  3. Make sure you know the essential characteristics of the jewel that you are looking for
    In the case of a ring, knowing the right size is important. But, how can you know that? Get the right chance to do it. For example, if your fiancée usually takes off her rings before going to bed and lays them on the night stand, you can mark (secretly) one of their circumference on a piece of paper
  4. Choose the “right” e-shop
    You should buy on those sites that allow you to return jewels or make an exchange. Some e-commerce sites accept returns within a certain period of time. So, you must keep in mind the time limit you have to make an exchange so delicate and important.
  5. .Buy only on safe sites
    Knowing that the e-shop you choose guarantees safe transactions is important, in order to protect your credit card data from possible hacking.
  6. Safe shipment.
    Make sure that your shipment is insured and totally free, by couriers specialized in shipment of jewelry and luxury goods.

All you can do now is look for the best solution and choose the ring that meets the tastes of your loved one. A style tip? Favoring the beauty of the diamond. The best design will be the one that will enhance its cut, purity and its beautiful and natural light./p>