Summer 2019: jewels as fashion accessories

Summer 2019: jewels as fashion accessories

Small, essential, meticulous and geometric, it looks like its designed just for winking at those who prefer minimalism: the dry style of fashion. Its the jewelry trend for summer 2019: the jewel becomes a fashion accessory to be matched with your outfit with confidence.

Since the jewel must reflect the light of springtime, it can do it better with the most sparkling stone: the diamond.  

It’s true that the diamond never goes out of fashion and is often considered the ideal protagonist for timeless jewels, but its trendy or, it can follow the current trends if it reduces volumes and illuminates delicate and thin structures.

 We arent talking about engagement rings or celebratory rings that see the diamond solitaire as the protagonist. The jewel becomes a fashion accessory only if it forgets to be a jewel and starts expressing the lightness of its design.   

 So, rings always take the lions share, but only if youre wearing many of them on your fingers, they can create bright drawings on your skin.      

So, the accessory-jewel borrows the strictness from the design and, as if the creativity comes from an architect instead of a goldsmith, creates a new easygoing and smart style.   

Still, you should wear a lot of rings, perfectly matched with one another that create lines and light effects that highlight the silhouette of your hands. 

They must give a dynamic idea, not a static one that reminds of the tradition. 

Everything must be always on the go, as the outfit, that could go better along with the style of those who are wearing small jewels thanks to fluttering chiffon cloth or to transparent organza. Of course, the contrast is perfect: if the dress colour is intense, it can be matched with the purity of white gold and diamonds.

What if the skin is amber because of the first sunbeams? So, in this case you can choose pink gold or yellow gold, that is coming back in fashion today.

 Then, for those who would like to embrace this new style at 100%, there are the minimalist rings to be worn all together on both hands and to be matched with micro-pendants set on thin gold necklaces.

 The secret for the perfect success of this style? Matching, composing, mixing and why not? Adding the jewel to the costume jewellery, that creates an irreverent and creative mix and match. In one word: supercool.