Sparkling diamonds on the 2019 Cannes Red Carpet

Sparkling diamonds on the 2019 Cannes Red Carpet

Stars dress code in Cannes? Diamonds, diamonds and diamonds again. If in the past editions, color came off best and it seemed that the purity of the most precious stone was less appreciated by stars, 2019 Cannes Film Festival recognizes the magnificence of the diamond.

Besides, the diamond wins over everything. It is absolutely the hardest stone. According to the Mohs scale that classifies the hardness of materials, ruby and sapphire cant even remotely compete against it. And a star, you know, needs to be always on top. 

So, on this years Red Carpet, it seemed a competition between people to see who could sparkle the most, without being tempted by any weird trend that some important international jewel companies have always tried to promote. Maybe to save on materials

 For example, lets talk about the icy diamonds, that purists properly snub, since the icy effect is just a macroscopic imperfection.

 And what about the overestimated brown diamonds? Even in this case, the famous fable of The Fox and The Grapes must be mentioned, that is I pretend to prefer a diamond which should be used in factories, maybe to produce stylus for record players

 Are we too bad? Of course, we are! Because those who want to be perfect, on the best red carpet ever, shouldnt be tempted by temporary trends. A diamond, as an old De Beers slogan says, is forever. It cant betray a star when she must sparkle the most.              

La parure di una star deve brillare quanto lei. È possibile solo con i diamanti, ad esempio con la collezione Quinlogy, di Romano Diamonds

A star’s parure must sparkle as much as her. The Quinlogy collection by Romano Diamonds proposes a necklace with 11.55 cts brilliant-cut natural diamonds, Color E, Purity VS.

Thats the light that makes a difference. The light is obtained by two simple moves. Which ones? First of all, you must choose a diamond that has very very small inclusions that can barely be seen under a magnifying glass x 10.    

 On the international scale that classifies diamonds (the famous 4 cs, as Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut), if a diamond is positioned under the VS2 level at voice Clarity, we should avoid it. Still, so many people are pleased in jewelries somehow, or they cant even notice it.

Secondly, cut is essential. Why? Because the light plays its role here. A balanced cut, with perfect angles and a pavilion, that is the multifaceted cone of the diamond, with the correct size, allows the light to perfectly multiply, by bouncing purely and intensely on the different facets as if the stone was a billiard table and the ball was played by a world champion. 

 Actually, color is important too. Diamonds that are classified between F and D color, on the international scale, are very white and tend to light blue.

 If, indeed, we take a look at the lowest part of that classification, a diamond classified between S and Z will be inexorably yellowish and no jeweller can be justified for selling a poor stone by pretending that its trendy. A diamond cant settle for compromises, its vocation is so high that cant be mixed with a stylists ideas who wants to match a pair of earrings with the dress color. 

 Then, pure diamonds match with everything. It will be the perfect gentleman for a black sheath dress, with its strong brightness that clashes with black. So, crossing the red carpet with self-confidence, under a shower of flashes, will be easier. Its just like being arm in arm with an adult and masculine actor as Javier Bardem.

And what about a fluffy cream dress winking at a traditional idea of ceremony? Here, the diamond will play the role of an attentive father, still charming, who will walk his daughter to the altar. In this case, the actor is Alain Delon, who during his very long career, has always been perfect, from the boyfriend role to the patriarch one.

If, then, we choose a shiny red dress, the diamond will reflect its explosive passion, as if it was an Almodòvars movie. Its useless to say that the role of the diamond in this case will be played by Antonio Banderas, still irresistible matador of many transgenerational hearts.

And for the strangest lovers? Theres always the opportunity to choose the most eccentric gentleman, as Elton John. Yet, nobody is perfect, but when we talk about diamonds theres no place for imperfections!