It gives an elegant and refined allure, it enchants you at first sight and is the glamour accessory to be worn with any outfit for a bright look: were talking about the single diamond.

Con la sua essenzialità, la sua vocazione minimal e un design che risulta sempre contemporaneo, il punto luce si conferma oltre le mode il gioiello più versatile, quello che può giocare da protagonista o da comprimario, secondo carature e purezza.

Is the single diamond suitable only for special occasions?

The diamond, the hardest stone ever, symbolizes light, brilliance, strength and resistance. Characteristics that can be found in its etymology: it comes from ancient Greek ἀδάμαςαντος, of steel. 

Still, its rigorous hardness can be concentrated in a single diamond, that is the perfect gift for “light” or special occasions, from birthdays to Christmas, from Valentine’s Day to a special celebration. The prestige and nobility of such a stone like the diamond blend to make your beloved one feel very special and unique. 

Yet, if the occasion is “light” as a birthday, you should choose a single stone that doesn’t reach 1 carat.

If the gift is for a special occasion or to celebrate an anniversary, the carats of the single diamond can increase as the number of the stones that, all together, will make the jewel brighter.

In these cases, we can’t simply define “single diamond” a multiple composition made of beautiful and rare diamonds. For example, the collier by Romano Diamonds’ Quinlogy Collection: 2.10 carats, seven stones to make every woman feel like a real “queen”.    

punto luce quinlogy

And if the single diamond multiplied by seven diamonds is definitely comparable to a constellation, the game of the metaphors and similes with the beauty of the stars can find its right complicity in the most inventive gold creations.  

Yes, because the pendant can become a single modular part of the jewel, as a satellite does with its planet.  

A planet made of modular diamonds 

With a round shape inspired by the planet surface, enriched with a pavé of diamonds in different carats and, behind, a theory of tricks of light that reminds of Memphis futuristic design from the 80’s, the Planet Collection is made of pendant necklace, rings and modular earrings. These last ones that, by separating the planet from its satellite, turn into 1.70 cts single diamonds in white or pink gold.planet orecchini punto luce

When giving a single diamond

 So, the single diamond results as the versatile gift par excellence. It can be informal and creative, if it has all the characteristics that make it special and more reasonable carats.

It can be the gift par excellence, the one that represents a life with your loved one, on condition that it has a significant carat. 

But, carat can’t prevail on the brightness that even the smallest diamond can have, if it’s well cut and shows high quality… 

So, this is the deepest secret of the beauty of a single diamond. A star, even a small one, can sparkle more than all the other ones.