Natural diamonds: race against time

Natural diamonds: race against time

In few decades – maybe in 2035 – big mines of diamonds will be exhausted. The race against time and the research for alternative solutions have just started. But, lets step back in time.

 The historic mineral company known as De Beers, founded in 1888, has the monopoly on diamond mining and marketing. Its slogan is very famous A diamond is forever, it was invented by the copywriter Frances Gerety in 1947, who launched De Beers campaigns and conquered women all over the world.

 Now mineral deposits are beginning to run low, so the British company has decided to invest in synthetic diamonds. The decision has been taken to enhance their value and to ensure the market.         

Synthetic diamonds production

Unlike natural diamonds deriving from a geological process, synthetic diamonds are produced technologically at high temperature. We talk about HPHT diamond (High Pressure High Temperature) or CVD diamond (Chemical Vapor Deposition).

 They try to reproduce the characteristics of the precious stone by simulating its nature. Still, for those who want to invest in a bright future, the natural diamond is a must. 

 So, before they begin to run low, we should hurry up and speak to the artists of natural diamonds.

 And Real Diamond Invest is considered the diamond atelier with internationally certified diamonds by creating its own jewelry line today, Romano Diamonds, that makes use of better quality stones than those that you can normally find in jewelleries.

Certified natural gems for a contemporary jewel

Buying a natural diamond in time is the first step to make sure of having a noteworthy jewel.

 For those women who want to express their self-assertion and independence, Romano Diamonds offers Collections inspired by modern architecture and contemporary art with a unique design that turns the jewel into a diamond to be lived, in its immortal beauty. Still, to guarantee its 100% high quality production, the international certification of one of the three global institutes (G.I.A., I.G.I., H.R.D.) is engraved on each circumference of diamonds starting from 0.30 cts – both on the ring and on the diamond.

 Bright and shining, natural diamonds by Romano Diamonds are dream jewels for everyones timeless self-satisfaction.

 A kiss on the hand might feel very good, but a diamond tiara lasts forever. (Marilyn Monroe)