For summer 2019, the color trends recall nature, from yellow to red, until Coral Living Pantone, appointed as the color of the year.

A fresh triumph that animates dresses along the catwalk, but the world of high jewellery as well, that has become the protagonist of fashion-luxury style with fancy diamonds, those accessories by a refined and modern design that give you a stylish look (but not too sophisticated) like a real Hollywood star.

Indeed, fancy color diamonds, as known, are the most appreciated stones by celebrities because of their versatility, brilliance and high value: this is the most precious gem. Between the most famous gifts, you should remember the 6.1 cts pink diamond given by the actor Ben Affleck to his loved Jennifer Lopez. A love token set as the pink exclamation mark that comes after I love you.

Diamanti rosa


Fancy color diamonds secrets

So much loved by women, fancy color diamonds give the opportunity to combine an eternal stone with a fresh, colored and modern note. According to the evaluations, the accessories reach high quotations at international auctions because of their color and high commercial value.

 A value estimated by the classification on global scale (certified by GIA, Gemological Institute of America) divided in 4 evaluation areas:

  • Hue: the more intense is the color, the more rare and precious is the diamond.
  • Color distribution: its the distribution of the color through the diamond. If its uniform, its classified by the Even grade, indeed, when it is irregular by the Uneven one.
  • Saturation: it is the depth of the color inside the diamond. The saturation is evaluated according to the level: Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, Fancy Dark.
  • Tone: evaluated with the saturation, it refers to the brightness inside the fancy color diamond.

Classificazione fancy color

The table above, taken from Real Diamond Invest website, company specialist in diamonds for investment, clearly shows the 4 evaluation areas.

Its interesting to study how color is produced in a diamond:

Atoms dispersed into the chemical structure of carbon, as yellow for nitrogen and blue for boron;

  • A natural event that produces a very strong pressure causing the twisting of the crystalline lattice, by refracting the light and releasing the color. This happens to pink and red diamonds;
  • The million years exposure to natural radiations is the factor that determines the creation of the green diamond.

 Blue, red, yellow, green, pink, each fancy color diamond has its own history, but all of them can be matched with every outfit, casual or classy, for a super trendy summer.

For example, the green diamond can be matched with the flower patterns that are very trendy this year. Attico, a brand created by two young girls, Gilda Ambrosio e Giorgia Tordini, offers a mini-dress with large balloon sleeves that recalls the fresh tones of the green diamond. This proves that even an immortal stone can be matched with modern trends.

Once you have chosen your fancy diamond, you can create your own personalized jewel, just as Ben Affleck did for his Jennifer Lopez.

diamanti verdi(fonte

Fancy trends: a yellow diamond for a cool look

Playing with different styles by matching clothes and accessories becomes a unique opportunity to show your own personality, but always trendy.

Its important to consider that between fancy color diamonds, the yellow one represents over 60% of fancy color diamonds, its the coolest fancy jewel for a sunny look that reflects the summertime.

Elegance and design can be found in: fancy yellow ring from the Philosophy Collection by Romano Diamonds, the jewel that reflects all summer brightness.

ANELLO PHILOSOPHY Fancy Yellow fila brillanti