There are so many women that, due to many news about diamonds on internet, (wrongly) believe that there isnt any ethics in this sector. Today, before buying a diamond its important to verify its purity, color, value and report. The last one, particularly, is the guarantee of transparency of the so-called ethical diamonds

But where does this curious denomination come from? Lets step back to better understand the development of such an important theme.

Thanks to the cooperation between UN, diamonds multinational corporations and governments of producer countries, in 2002 in Interlaken, the KPCS, Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, was stipulated, that is the international protocol signed by more than 37 countries with the aim to guarantee a fast control over the geographical area of the origin of the diamonds. In this way its possibile to prevent inappropriate commercial use and aimed, for example, to finance civil wars.

The agreement is born to face the illegal traffic of blood diamonds in politically unsteady areas. In those countries, peace is extremely fragile and diamonds could be sacrificed for military purposes or terrorist activities.

The growing awareness of the risks attached to diamonds, if they end up in the wrong hands, has inspired a successful movie: Blood Diamond, directed by Edward Zwick and well interpreted by Leonardo Di Caprio, who plays the role of the cynical mercenary Danny Archer, a smuggler of diamonds between Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Blood Diamond

Danny Archer (Leonardo Di Caprio) in "Blood Diamond"

3 basic requirements for the Kimberley Process policy

To become a member of the Kimberley Process, countries need 3 requirements:

  1. Diamonds, coming from a member country, are not intended to finance wars or organizations that aim at overthrowing the government recognized by the UN; 
  1. Each diamond must be certified in compliance with the Kimberley Process policy; 
  1.  No diamond can be imported or exported to a country that isnt a member of the Kimberley Process.

Ethical diamonds are sold in full compliance with human dignity, individual rights and respecting the environment. If we used an euphemism, we could define them as precious stones for peace, since they have stopped the system of exploitation and violation of human rights that has been often associated with natural resources of such a high value.

Principles observed by Romano Diamonds jewelry brand, that offers exclusively certified diamonds extracted from mines in geographical areas where there are no war crisis. The Milanese society, founded and managed by Marco Romano, is a kind of atelier of diamonds where each stone is certified and has a well known origin.

Certified ethical diamonds

The report, issued by the international gemmological institutes (G.I.A., I.G.I., H.R.D.), is the identity card of the stone. The purchase of certified ethical diamonds represents an opportunity for a safe investment in a precious and extremely valuable good.  

Those who choose a jewel made with certified diamonds, are buying an ethical product and they are sure to buy a precious good whose value will be unchanged over time.    

Diamanti etici certificati-Romano Diamonds