Diamonds carat: an ancient measurement for timeless stones

Diamonds carat: an ancient measurement for timeless stones

A charming word that reminds us of the preciousness of a gem and gives luxury suggestions to every woman.

Do you know why a jewel with 7 diamonds for a total of 2.8 carats is worth less than one that has only one diamond that weighs 2 carats?

Easy, because heavier diamonds are rarer!

What is the carat, then?

Contrary to popular belief, when we speak about the carat, it refers to how much a diamond weighs, not to how big it is. So, the carats are the quantity of weight of a stone.

So, we were right!

The carat of a stone is also the synonym of its rarity and value and it’s one of the characteristics that make your eyes sparkle, your eyelashes and heart beat when you admire a diamond ring in a shop window or on e-commerce websites.

Falling in love with someone at first time is normal, but not with a gem: let’s learn how to choose the right one!

The carat and the carob

The carat is a very ancient unity of weight measurement, its name comes from the carob seeds, an evergreen tree from North Africa.

These oblong seeds – called carobs - were used in the Middle East to weigh precious stones, thanks to their uniform mass.

Some millennia later, this belief will be denied because the weight in the carrob seeds changes in the order of the 25%.

So, the carat is a unity of weight measurement and is equal to 0.20 grams: below this weight, diamonds are classified as “points” that are one hundred times smaller than one carat.

A mountain of light

But, be careful! It’s not only the carat that gives value to diamonds.

You just have to think that the famous Koh-i-noor (Mountain of Light), when was shown at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, disapppointed people.

Its 190,3 carats failed to impress visitors because it didn’t sparkle enough, so that the prince Albert called worldwide experts and decided to give a new cut to the famous stone.

A team made of the best Dutch cutters made the stone go on a “slimming diet” that made it lose 90 carats, by giving to it the sparkle that everybody knows.

It happens the same when you choose the finest silk for an unforgettable dress: you should give it someone who can handle it.

Over the carat: the 4 Cs

As mentioned, the carat is one of the four parameters that determine the value and the beauty of a diamond.

If you really want to impress your friends, you need to know about the other characteristics.

They are known as the 4 Cs due to the initials of the words: Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour.

It is possibile to range from very pure stones to less precious ones.

Even thanks to the cut – and we promise to talk about it soon – a diamond can be classified, not only for the cut, but because it respects precise proportions.  

Famous rings & famous carat

By leafing through popular magazines, you often read about VIP engagements, crowned with very big stones.

If you step back in time, your mums were surely well-informed about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s love story, but they dreamed about that famous 100 carat emerald-cut diamond that Richard Burton gave her.

You should remember the 40 carat marquise Lesotho III given to Jacqueline Kennedy by Onassis.

Even the latest engagements show us jewels with exceptional carat: Paris Hilton has received a 20 carat, 2 million $ pear-shaped diamond ring by Chris Zylka or Kanye West’s 15 carat cushion-shaped diamond ring for his beloved Kim Kardashian.

Don’t forget James Packer’s gift for Mariah Carey, a 35 carat, 7 million $ diamond ring and Beyonce’s 18 carat one.

What about, then, Lady Gaga’s 10 carat heart-shaped diamond? Her affair with Taylor Kinney is over now, but, as Marilyn Monroe sang: “Diamonds are a girls best friend”!

The perfect carat

Choosing the carat of a jewel is the most important thing to evaluate.

Firstly, your choice should be based on the situation: if you are looking for a versatile ring for your daily life, you should opt for a reasonable carat.

Instead, glamorous events will let you show off “heavy” jewels.

As usual, let harmony prevail! Consider the whole jewels that you want to wear and try to find the perfect balance between the jewel and the size of your wrist or hand.

These few advice will help you make the right choice. Then, your heart will make the final one, ready to beat more for a diamond jewel than for a possible love story.  

The carat in Romano Diamonds creations

Romano Diamonds offers a wide range of jewels with the perfect carat.

Let’s think about the Quinlogy ring ( ) that is composed of a constellation made of diamonds by different carats: a composition that intensifies the light by giving a strong brilliance thanks to the 5 brilliant-cut diamonds, E color, for a total of 2.20 carats.

Another refined example is the Triumph ring ( ) with a 1.50 ct brilliant-cut single diamond, D color. Its design is inspired by the classical architectural lines and gives a timeless allure to the jewel.

May everyone have its personal diamond jewel, then! A jewel that glorifies the 4 Cs of a woman: Curiosity, Character, Creativity and Charm.