Diamond cuts: the art of releasing light by Romano Diamonds gems

Diamond cuts: the art of releasing light by Romano Diamonds gems

When a diamond is found naturally, of course it isn’t extracted and immediately mounted on a ring!

We love wearing and looking at diamonds that hypnotize us with their sparkle.

But, how can we get the best sparkle from a rough stone?

The extracted crystal may have great properties and an excellent natural color, but a good cut will enhance all qualities and potentialities.

A bad producing, indeed, can really affect negatively the quality of the stone, that’s why all diamonds used by Romano Diamonds are cut only by experts: to realize excellent jewels.

Diamonds are like clothes: only the best tailors of the jewellery can turn them into high fashion jewels.

Diamonds cuts: the ancient art of the man and of the nature meet each other

So, the cut becomes art and is able to release all its light from the heart of the diamond.

They are called cutters and are considered as real artists.

The city of Antwerp has the most important laboratories of cut in the world.

A diamond with the famous quality label Cut in Antwerp guarantees the best production of precious stones. That’s where our stones are cut!

Which is the best diamond cut?

The most used cut is the round brilliant cut, with symmetry at eight, but the diamonds for the jewellery are cut in several shapes: baguette, marquise, heart, pear, oval, squared, emerald.

Jewels with exclusive design as those created by Romano Diamonds alternate diamonds by different cut.

The Brick ring – triple band, for example, is composed of 28 natural radiant-cut baguette diamonds and 14 natural emerald-cut baguette diamonds.

From the same collection, the Brick ring – single band is composed of 22 natural round-cut diamonds.

The Quinlogy collection is comprised of clusters of diamonds that form a constellation in different carats and all of them are brilliant-cut diamonds.

Romano Diamonds designers choose stones by a different cut in order to create jewels that may show personality and harmony.

This is the sign of great creativity and research of a style that can mark a woman and the brand of jewels that she has chosen for herself.

Diamonds cut: the proportions

It’s important to say that the quality of cut isn’t due to its shape, but to its proportions.

The diamond cut is important to determine the final aspect of the stone: brilliance, fire and sparkle.

A very good cut reflects the light better, it sparkles more and creates a contrast between black and white when the light is reflected on it.

So, it has a high level of sparkle and produces fire, that is the dispersion of the light on the different spectral colors.

The proportions refer to the relationship between size, shape and angles of each facet of the diamond.

In all artistic creations, the proportions are essential to create harmony and beauty, but in the case of diamond cut there is the light in addition to harmony.

Each facet perfectly cut will allow the diamond to release the light.

The art of cutting diamonds has an evaluation scale, let’s have a look together!

Diamonds cut: the classification


It’s the cut that releases fire and sparkle the most. The diamond reflects almost all the light that enters the stone and sparkles.

Very Good

The diamond reflects correctly almost all the light that enters the stone, it’s a quite excellent cut.


The diamond reflects most of the light that enters the stone , so its sparkle will be good.


The light that enters the stone is partially released laterally or by the extremities of the diamond.


Most of the light that enters the diamond is released laterally or by the extremities, so the diamond will be dull and little brilliant.

Romano Diamonds prefers the best quality of cut.

The diamonds cut by Romano Diamonds is always reported as Excellent/Very Good.

Each diamond is reported by the main internationally recognized institutes.

If you would like to admire the sparkle and the beauty of our creations with diamonds, Romano Diamonds gives you the chance to see, wear and buy jewels at our offices in Piazza Castello, 1 in Milan.