Engagement ring: a love bond

Engagement ring: a love bond

Every love is unique, has one thousand aspects and is destined to last forever, just like a diamond ring.

Everytime we talk about engagement rings, our mind immediately goes to a solitaire ring, the golden ring with one single diamond on it, symbol of endless love.

But even diamond rings, as the Fancy diamonds rings or the amazing Quinlogy rings, can seal an important love affair.

Still, the meaning of the word “diamond” recalls the strength of love, because it comes from the greek term adamas (αδαμας) that means invincible, untamable.

Before buying the engagement ring, you already think of that moment you will give the little box and the ribbons will be released, you dream of that sparkle in your beloved one’s eyes.  

Since disappointment is not accepted during the ritual for marriage proposal, you should choose the perfect engagement ring.

When you give an engagement ring, you’re just not giving an amazing object, but also very valuable.

A real love token that seals the love you feel.

The diamond is a rare gem, such as the true love that makes you decide, sooner or later, that the time to declare your love has come.

A solitaire ring is one of those gifts to be chosen firstly with your heart. But, let’s have a look at other useful tips.

How to choose an engagement ring?

It must be a valuable purchase, based on your own budget, and the quality of the stone must be certain.

So, you must choose professional sellers or producers who can guarantee a quality standard through an authentic report.  

After checking the reliability of the brand, your heart will make the choice.

Anyone who knows love will choose the right ring and it’s not always a matter of carats!

You should know your woman, her expectations, her style… and the size of her finger!

Focus on her way of being, that’s the correct way to choose something that will move her.

Engagement rings by Romano Diamonds

Every creation belonging to Castel Collection comes from the desire to reflect the different personalities of women.

Moderate or audacious, meticulous or charming, may every woman have her personal solitaire ring, from 0.20 ct!

Cut and color: must be excellent, because women look at their engagement ring at least one million times in a lifetime.

Settings and claws are designed to intensify both the beauty of the stone and the woman’s hand.

But an engagement ring can be also chosen from another collection by Romano Diamonds.

Our original creations can make your dream come true.

Today, we advise you three different rings for three different women and three different love affairs.

1) Castel Ring with a 0.20 ct brilliant cut diamond in white gold 18k.    https://www.romanodiamonds.com/it/single-diamonds/anello-castel-020-ct-291.html

One essential single diamond for a simple and resolved woman who lives a deep and solid love affair.

2) Castel Ring full pavé with a 0.90 ct brilliant cut diamond. 0.22 ct natural diamonds, 0.30 ct emerald cut diamonds in white gold 18k. https://www.romanodiamonds.com/it/single-diamonds/anello-castel-fila-brillanti-299.html

Designed for the woman who can be moved and for those ones who fell in love at first sight.

3) Fancy Yellow Philosophy full pavé. 2.01 ct brilliant cut diamond. Color: Fancy Yellow, diamonds total weight: 2.92 ct. https://www.romanodiamonds.com/it/philosophy/anello-philosophy-fancy-yellow-nfila-brillanti-307.html

An amazing ring designed for the woman who wants to surprise and for those who live an incredible love story that has changed the idea of love.


Remember that every woman will look at herself in her engagement ring, with one single diamond or a fancy one, and fall in love over and over again.