The tennis bracelet, the jewel with diamonds as symbol of pure and endless Love

The tennis bracelet, the jewel with diamonds as symbol of pure and endless Love

Imagine a string of diamonds that slips gently on your wrist and illuminates every move you make: that’s a tennis bracelet.

A bright chain mounted on a setting in white gold that reflects every single glare.

It’s not surprising that the tennis bracelet is one of the most loved jewels by women, thanks to its precious versatility that makes you want to wear it all day long, in every season and situation.

A diamond tennis bracelet is a jewel with a timeless elegance, suitable for any style: it’s perfect for your cocktail dress or for a pair of casual chic jeans, appearing from the cuffs of your tailleur or blouse when you’re wearing it at work.   

Its classical model, with only white diamonds, is one of the most chosen jewels as symbol of love: a rotation of lights that makes it look like it’s walking with you.

The tennis bracelet is a very appreciated gift both by women and by men: admired, requested and worn day by day, it is for all ages just like love.

The origin of the tennis bracelet

Everyone can recognize a tennis bracelet, but how many of you could tell where its name comes from?

The name comes from the American tennis player Chris Evert who in the 70’s and 80’s played on the tennis courts all over the world, by positioning herself on the international top of the league.    

She was seen wearing a special lucky charm for the first time: a rivière bracelet with brilliant cut diamonds set on white gold.

It looks like it was designed by the jeweller George Bedewi and before entering the tennis courts it was called eternity, due to its particular design that hides the lock and makes it become a circle of lights.

Its perfect shape, with pure and tough diamonds, makes it become the symbol of true love. Even for oneself.

How to choose a tennis bracelet

The simple design of the tennis bracelet presents few rules: brilliant-cut diamonds set on white gold.             

Seven words that include many options, here’s some advice to help you choose.

Let’s strart from the price that can fluctuate much and is the result of some variables as total carat, clarity and color, the handmade setting and the finishing, yet if it’s in white gold as for the classical model or in platinum.

Tennis bracelet: diamonds carat

Let’s start from the carat, the weight of the single diamonds that is the most important point to evaluate.

As mentioned before, you have to take into consideration the versatility of the jewel, so the more important the carat is, the more suitable the bracelet will be for special occasions.

On the other hand, a moderate carat will allow you to wear it daily.

Don’t forget to choose the right size based on the physiques: a balanced relationship between the size of the diamonds and the circumference of the wrist will suggest the perfect tennis bracelet, easily adaptable to every woman’s posture.

Tennis bracelet: the setting

This is the most critical point because a tennis one must be completely loosened: it must dance on your arm and mix its silhouette with your gestures.

The jewel production must be particularly accurate in order to let it roll up on itself.

Also the diamonds setting must be perfect!

It’s a jewel that is based on the shine and the sequence of the diamonds, yet the claws, or rather, the golden tips that keep the diamond fixed, must be slight to the touch, but stable.

So the lock must be invisible and safe.

Finally, it’s important to evaluate accurately the size of the tennis bracelet: it doesn’t have to be too tight that you can’t put your finger between wrist and bracelet, yet not too wide to let it slip on your hand.

Tennis bracelet: diamonds clarity and color

Besides, diamonds clarity and color deserves a separate article.

For a jewel like that, the stones are the main element, so it’s worth choosing little diamonds, yet high quality ones, just to guarantee the wow effect.

That’s why you should choose a Maison of high quality jewelry that can grade the quality and the origin of the stones.

Romano Diamonds’ tennis bracelet

Philosophy is the tennis bracelet that releases all sensuality of its timeless design: the diamonds play the starring role because they are mounted on a setting composed of four claws that let you observe them from any point of view.

A suitable jewel for a modern personality that doesn’t hide a romantic sensitivity at the same time.

Philosophy is presented in two variations:


  • Philosophy 11.40 ct : [] (0,30 ct x 38 brilliant-cut diamonds, color G and clarity VS, mounted on white gold).
  • Philosophy 8.60 ct : [] (0,20 ct x 43 brilliant-cut diamonds, color G and clarity VS, mounted on white gold).


A tennis bracelet is a gift that every woman should give herself to declare her self-respect and self-esteem, but it’s also a gift to be received with open heart as symbol of purity and profound and indissoluble bond.