But square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks dont lose their shape. Diamonds are a girls best friend.

It was 1953 when Marilyn Monroe, playing the role of Lorelei Lee in the movie Gentlemen prefer blondes, sang the unforgettable song Diamonds are a girls best friend.

66 years have passed and the first real launch of diamonds on market dates back to that time, which for the first time became a possible dream. No longer a stone for queens, but for women. For all women, and not only for women. Even for families and for those who want to invest in a value that wont change over time.

Thats why we can say today that diamonds are peoples best friends in a global and wide sense.

On the one hand, if a diamond represents a timeless fashion luxury accessory for women, on the other hand, for men or for those who have a rational approach, its a safe investment and is constantly growing on international market.

Design, art and fashion melt in a single object that, sold on global scale, increases the growth rate of a prestigious international market. A market that, following the jewelry sector, is independent unlike other markets, so the capital is insured and is far from any economical crisis or speculative bubbles. The diamond becomes the bridge between present and future, fragility and strength.  

The eternal beauty of diamonds, historic jewels for classy women

Diamonds have always been considered the most refined and fascinating stones, worn over time by queens, princesses, wealthy women, but also Hollywood stars and actresses.

Diamonds of different size, cut and carat, but with one characteristic in common: they refract light in many crystalline reflections by giving an air of brightness and grace. And if its the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color, carat) that increase the value of the diamond, before buying one, you need to analyze carefully how much each c makes the value of a single stone increase based on the international grading system.

What makes a difference at first glance, indeed, is the carat: Clients tell me that when people receive a diamond above 1.00 ct as a gift – Marco Romano (Romano Diamonds CEO) explains – 90% of them react with a tear of joy.

A curious anecdote to make you better understand: carat is the unit of the diamond and is the equivalent to 0.20 gr, consequently it determines the size and the diameter. So, a diamond above 1.00 ct will be brighter and more visible when mounted on a ring.

Consequently, it will better represent what you feel for your beloved one.

Anyway, its not correct doing a matter of sizes as declared by Elizabeth Taylor: Big girls need big diamonds.

So Romano Diamonds, that maintains a close relationship with Tel Aviv bourse and the diamond cutters in Anversa, can praise an extended catalogue of jewels made with diamonds above 1.00 ct and guarantee affordable prices.

From the Quinlogy ring to the Philosophy earrings, the choice is very wide and you are sure to buy a diamond internationally reported by G.I.A. Its a purchase that joins, in a single object, the rational aspect of the investment and the emotional one, that can make your beloved one burst into tears of joy. 

Anello Quinlogy 1.60 ct